Top 7 Reasons to follow Photography Blogs in 2021

Gaurav Sapkota
Gaurav Sapkota

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Kwinana Freeway - Perth
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Photography is surreal. There are reasons to follow photography blogs so here i am going to discuss about the Top 7 Reasons to follow Photography Blogs in 2021. I am a professional photographer focussing in family photoshoots and corporate photoshoots. I personally follow photographers and blogs either in facebook, instagram or through google. As the photography business has become wide and broader bringing all level of photographers competing in the market. There are plenty of photographers who regularly publish their work, resources and tools, articles and reviews.

Why you should follow blogs of other photographers/photography?

I also get inspired by the ideas, techniques and methods used by other photographers. There is no issue with copying those ideas, but as a photographer, you must bring your own perspection to the photo that you are clicking.

Lighthouse - Rottnest Island
Outdoor Photography
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1. Get Yourself Inspired

Other photographers can inspire you on taking shots and you can redefine it yourself.

2. Improve Your Photography Skills

You can learn how to implement photography techniques, use post-production tools from your favourite photographers.

3. Learn How To Display Your Portfolio

Once you follow other photographers blogs you will eventually learn how to display your photographs on your websites.

4. Learn How To Share Your Photography Digitally

You will also learn how to share your photographs on various social media platforms and target your audience.

5. Your Photographs Become a better Storyteller

Every photograph has its own story. The drama, romance and art of the photograph makes it a better storyteller photograph.

Swayambhunath Temple - Kathmandu, Nepal
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6. People Will Look For Your Photographs

After starting displaying your photographs, people will surely look more from you. This will provide you more opportunities to build your business.

7. Your Perspective Towards Your Craft Changes

You become critical and analyze photos and make improvements on your work. You can visualize how a photograph can be shot. Also, you can analyze what you want in your photographs.

Light House - Rottnest Island
Outdoor Photography
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